The Door Revolution,
WoodsAir's History


Attachment type of new door to prevent clogging (Korean design patent registration and release)

WoodsAir Safety Door GoodDesign(GD) Selection

WoodsAir Safety Door Public Institution Pilot Purchase by Public Institution


Woodsair Korea, China trademark registration

Safety entrance and exit technology that does not cause hand-in-hand accidents Technology threshold center technology threshold

Construction of the attachable door lock protector to Hyundai Engineering & Construction, Daewoo Engineering & Construction, Hanwha Engineering & Construction, etc.

Registration of safety entry documents that do not occurrence in Korea's invention

Registration of Safety Investment Special Act on Korea Design Characteristics of Korea Design Characteristics

Safe entry and exit to prevent hand-in-hand accidents U.S., Canada, 27 European Union countries, China, and Japan patent applications

WoodsAir Safety Entrance Experience Exhibition Center Opens Busan Pyeonggang Center


Safety Stair Nonslip Export to Vietnam

Listed at the Las Vegas Household Goods Fair in the United States

International Patent Application for Safety Entrance and Exit (PCT) without Fingering Accidents


Establishment of WoodsAir Co., Ltd.

Export of the door to Japan for preventing the entry of the door from being stuck.


Launch of Development of Door Clamp Prevention Zone

Nonslip Safety Stairs, Corner Guard Development Launch


Development and Release of Humidifier for Plant Air Purifier

Development and release of anti-fingertilizer


Establishment of YBio