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A Comparison between WoodsAir's Safety Door Design (right) and General Door Gap



[Busan = News Free Zone] Reporter Choi Seul-gi = The selection of GD products, which marks its 37th anniversary this year, is a system that grants GD (Good Design) symbols, which are government-certified symbols, to products with excellent designs. 

It is known as a contest with very strict selection criteria and high authority in the industry.

As it is tricky, consumers' credibility is very good, so it is often a place for large companies ahead of the launch of new products to compete. 

Therefore, the reality is that it is recognized as a "league of its own" for large domestic companies and a "tree that cannot climb" for local companies with relatively poor capital and development environments.

However, this year, Woodsair, a startup with product exhibition halls and manufacturing plants in Busan and Gyeongnam, was selected as the best design winner. 

It is giving a fresh shock to the local industry by showing off its competitiveness that does not fall behind large companies.

Kim Seo-yeon, CEO of Woods Air, said, "The 'Woods Air Anti-fingertility Safety Door' selected for this contest is a patented product that can prevent small children from getting stuck in the door. 

The materials are also eco-friendly products that use recycled aluminum with very low carbon emissions, he said, introducing the selected products.

Conventional indoor open-door doors have a narrow structure in which about 12cm of gap is generated between the door and the door frame of the rotating shaft of the hinge when the door is opened, and the gap narrows when the door is closed.

In particular, there are many accidents involving children's fingers in this area. According to CEO Kim, about 600,000 people (about 5,000 people in Korea) get stuck in the door every year among child safety accidents that occur at home.

Because of the construction of the indoor door, if your finger gets stuck in this area, you can get serious injury that will crush your finger bone. 

Even if the wound heals, there may be aftereffects such as changing the size of the finger or growing deformed nails.

CEO Kim said, "The safety door for preventing the door from getting stuck can prevent the door from getting stuck because there is no gap less than 1mm in the rotating shaft when opening the door." 

He explained, "It is an eco-friendly product that makes a binding door frame with recycled aluminum with less carbon emissions than conventional foamed PVCs or wood products when manufacturing and disposing of products."

CEO Kim also said, "We will leap forward as a company that creates a well-off society that thinks about the environment, thinks about society, and pursues meaningful and precious things, not just pursuing profits."